TeleHealth Now available

Virtual Physiotherapy Now LIVE! (TELEHEALTH) It is very difficult to describe in a few words the last few weeks. We have all taken unprecedented steps to keep our families and communities safe during this COVID-19 threat. I would describe my initial response to closing my office to in-person physiotherapy treatment as "stunned". I have always been proud of being a "hands-on" therapist. The contact with my patients and their families, the impact my treatments had and partnering with people thr...
Posted on 2020-03-25

Physiotherapy and Cancer Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy and Cancer Rehabilitation
     Physiotherapy and Cancer Rehabilitation. My name is Lorenda Hattingh. I am a physiotherapist and the founder of Dynamic Focus Physiotherapy in Nanaimo, BC. I have a keen interest in Cancer rehabilitation. In my journey to improve my knowledge and acquire specialized training in oncology rehabilitation, I discovered how passionate I am about the field. Over the last year since completing the PORi Certificate in Oncology Rehabilitation and Breast Cancer Rehabili...
Posted on 2019-11-11

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