Exercise Prescription

Safe and effective exercise prescription is crucial to restore function after injury, post surgery and to treat & manage a range of chronic health conditions.

Each patient will receive an individualized exercise program. Careful consideration of your health status, current symptoms and phase of recovery,  combined with an in-depth understanding of exercise physiology and the effect of disease or injury on the body dictates each exercise prescription and progression.

Therapeutic Exercises during and after physiotherapy treatments are designed to improve and restore function. Conditioning and functional strengthening exercises are designed to maintain and improve your function.


Oncology Rehabilitation Exercises

After thorough assessment of current function and treatment phase an exercise program will be prescribed to treat and reduce the side effects of cancer treatments. Safe and effective exercise during and after cancer treatment will increase the tolerance of chemotherapy and other cancer treatments. Main goals of exercise is to decrease the symptom burden and improve independence and quality of life.

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