Manual Therapy

The essence of manual therapy is the use of the physiotherapist’s hands. A variety of hands-on techniques are used to assess and mobilize joints, soft tissue, lymphatic system and circulatory system.

Techniques include:

Joint mobilization. A passive movement of a joint to affect joint glide. It is targeted to improve joint mobility and function.

Joint Manipulation. A firm end of the range mobilization to improve stiffness, decrease pain and restore joint alignment.

Soft Tissue mobilization. A number of specific hands-on techniques to improve muscle function and break adhesion. The therapist will use push, pull and kneading forces to muscle, ligament, fascia, tendons and nerves to restore optimal tissue function. 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage. A unique, gentle rhythmic pressure massage technique to promote drainage of lymph fluid from an extremity. Indicated when lymphedema is present (Primary or Secondary Lymphedema ) and Postoperative Lymphedema.

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