Oncology Rehabilitation

There are over a hundred thousand Cancer survivors in Canada every year. With an increasing survival rate the need for comprehensive rehabilitation care is growing. Oncology rehabilitation

is a crucial part of cancer survivorship to enable each patient to maximize their quality of life and reduce the symptom burden of cancer treatment.

The cancer journey is unique in that the patient moves through Surgery to Chemotherapy to Radiation prior to complete tissue healing. The removal of lymph nodes may further impact the normal healing process.

Lorenda Hattingh successfully completed PORi’s Foundation In Oncology Rehabilitation and Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Specialist Courses.

As a Cancer rehabilitation therapist she can offer specialized oncology rehabilitation to cancer patients with various types of cancer and in all phases of treatment. 

Side Effects of Cancer Treatment

  • Post Surgical: local inflammation, pain, lymphedema, scarring, inactivity and decrease in functional range of motion.
  • Chemotherapy: fatigue, inactivity, bone loss, peripheral neuropathy, cardio toxicity and tendon / joint pain.
  • Radiation: inflammation, pain, scarring, fibrosis, inactivity, decrease in functional range of motion.
  • Hormone Treatment: fatigue, bone loss, myalgia and arthralgia.


Rehabilitation Goals

  • Promote tissue healing through all stages
  • Assist the lymphatic system through risk reduction by minimizing fluid  volume fluctuation and exacerbation
  • Decrease scar tissue fibrosis
  • Minimize swelling, inflammation and pain associated with inflammation
  • Improve functional Range of Motion
  • Maximize mobility
  • Optimize and maintain function during and after treatment
  • Improve independence and quality of life

Patient Comments

“ I want to say thank you for yesterday. I feel so much better physically and mentally. Ready to get on with my life which I wasn’t before coming to see you. I slept throug the night without pain.” - J

“My chest feels so much better. I look forward to more improvement. What a difference!  Off to my walk now” - JC

“I can’t believe the differences I am feeling from just two treatments! Feeling hopeful for improved mobility and less discomfort which I am already experiencing! I am so grateful Lorenda! You will help so many.” -LH

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