Oncology Rehabilitation

Lorenda offers specialized oncology rehabilitation services to patients who have undergone, and are currently undergoing cancer treatment.

As a cancer rehabilitation physiotherapist, she provides oncology-specific rehabilitation treatmentsfor all types of cancers in any phase of treatment.

Types of cancercovered includes: Head and Neck Cancer, Breast Cancer, Gynaecological Cancer, Colorectal cancers and Multiple Myeloma.

Lorenda developed a keen interest in oncology rehabilitation due to the growing need for specialized rehabilitation in this population.

She completed several advanced training and certification courses including:

  • PORi (Physiological Oncology Rehabilitation Institute) - Denver, Colorado in 2018: Foundation in Oncology Rehabilitation, Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Therapist
  • PINC Cancer Rehabilitation - Auckland, New Zealand in 2021. Cancer Rehabilitation for women with all types of cancer.
  • Vodder Lymphedema-Level III Lymphedema Therapist MLD/CDT 2022

There is now an overwhelming body of research showing the benefits of physical activity and rehabilitation during and after cancer treatment in reducing symptom burden, preventing, and managing side effects of treatment, improving quality of survivorship and prognosis.

Initial Assessment: (Can be booked pre or post surgery)

All treatment sessions are one on one in a private treatment room.


  • Determine the phase of cancer treatment and your current treatment plan.
  • Review your physician's specific protocol.
  • Establish individualized, patient centred rehabilitation goals.
  • Objective testing like range of motion, functional ability, mobility testing and physical testing to establish a functional baseline.

Subsequent visit:


  • Promote tissue healing through all phases.
  • Assist the lymphatic system.
  • Decrease scar tissue fibrosis
  • Minimize swelling, inflammation and pain.
  • Improve functional range of motion.
  • Maximize mobility.
  • Optimize and maintain your function during and after treatment.
  • Improve your independence and quality of life.

The core treatment consists of unique manual therapy techniques to address the lymphatic system, musculoskeletal system and nervous system.

Progression through treatment will incorporate light exercises and stretches to enhance the effectiveness of the manual therapy.

An understanding of the unique effect of cancer and cancer treatment on the body, combined with knowledge of exercise physiology are carefully considered when prescribing and progressing your exercise program. Exercises are initially performed in the clinic and progressed to a home exercise program.

Orthopaedic Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy services at Dynamic Focus Physiotherapy is individualized and specific to meet your rehabilitation and recovery needs. My goal is to provide you with personalized, advance, hands-on, evidence-based physiotherapy treatment.

Initial Assessment:

Through a thorough assessment, I determine the root cause of your injury.

Goals of the assessment:

  • Determine the cause and degree of your injury.
  • Establish individualized treatment goals.
  • Determine your treatment plan.
  • Initiate your treatment through education, initial home exercises and may include some manual therapy.

Subsequent visit:

Your follow up appointment is scheduled based on your treatment plan and goals to best facilitate your rehabilitation and recovery needs.

Goals of the treatment:

  • Facilitate healing
  • Optimize your Range of motion and mobility
  • Maximize your functional strength
  • Provide you with a home exercise program to optimize your functional return to activity.