TeleHealth Now available

Virtual Physiotherapy Now LIVE!


It is very difficult to describe in a few words the last few weeks. We have all taken unprecedented steps to keep our families and communities safe during this COVID-19 threat.

I would describe my initial response to closing my office to in-person physiotherapy treatment as "stunned". I have always been proud of being a "hands-on" therapist. The contact with my patients and their families, the impact my treatments had and partnering with people through injuries and chronic conditions have been the reason Dynamic Focus Physiotherapy exists.

It felt like all my tools were taken away and I am not able to help the patients in my care. It was with skepticism that I joined a course: "Launch your Telehealth Practise Today" offered by Natasha Wilch. In essence, how to change from a physical clinic to a virtual one. 

I am so inspired by the possibilities of virtual physiotherapy (telehealth). Telehealth will not replace the in-person contact and connection that I cherish with my patients but in our current situation it allows us to continue physiotherapy care and connection. In a time of social and physical distancing it is crucial to stay connected, stay active and continue to work towards rehabilitation and wellness goals. Your Sprain or strain, Arthritis, Cancer or Surgical recovery did not stop when our world came to a standstill.

We are all pushed to step out of our comfort zone and do things a little differently. I am very pleased to report that the first week of doing Telehealth has been fantastic. The learning curve was massive but I am so inspired by my ability to adapt, learn and embrace new challenges. I am thankful for technology and a spirit of adventure (both mine and the patients) to be able to take advantage of virtual sessions. 

I was reminded again this week that Physiotherapy is so much more than just the manual therapy.

Physiotherapy Assessment and Treatment is also:

  • Listening to the patient's story.
  • Utilizing an eagle eye during functional movements to pick up abnormal patterns, swelling and limitations. 
  • Education regarding the injury or disease, pain management, self-management, do's & don'ts and treatment plans
  • Therapeutic Exercise and activity prescription
  • Progression and Modification of current exercise and treatment plans.
  • Partnering with a patient to manage an injury or chronic disease to restore function and wellness.
  • I bring a skill set of knowledge and experience that will be individualized to each person's condition.
  • Empowering patients to take control of their health and recovery.

I can address all of the above during a virtual session. Did I mention the platforms are super user friendly:)

In a time of uncertainty and "isolation", I want to offer connection, personalized advice and virtual treatment that is evidence-based to keep each patient on track with rehabilitation and wellness goals.

I am pleased to announce that Dynamic Focus Physiotherapy is  OPEN for TELEHEALTH to serve current, returning and new patients. For more information or to schedule an appointment: call (250) 7583505, email: or book online at 

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